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Wellness & Nutrition

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Wellness & Nutrition

Wilderness Meditative Practices

Listen to the sounds of nature. Enjoy the peace and calm.

Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching’s goal is to help you explore ways to become confident and pack on your own for your journey.

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Adirondack Nature Walking

Wellness is a journey.
Start packing!

Adirondack Wellness and Nutrition is focused on a holistic wellness approach to health and wellness throughout the Adirondack region.

By considering many aspects of our clients, through the assessment of their current mental, physical, and nutritional health, we offer gentle encouragement, and coaching strategies to improve their quality of life through the services we provide.

I provide short- or long-term services ranging from meetings with individual attention and/or group participation. Connecting can be talking on the phone or video chats or meet up for a nature walk.

From nature.
For nature.

I am a homegrown Adirondack woman. I loved living in a beautiful area with 4 seasons, trees, and mountain views. I now spend most of my time in Saratoga, but still travel north in the summer to swim in the cool streams and to see the colors of Fall.

The seasons can be beautiful, but sometimes it takes an effort to learn to how to enjoy the changes. I love to take a holistic approach to health and wellness in this nature loving country. Changing eating habits for the season, nature walks (dress for the weather) and creating a peaceful space in your home or a time to enjoy the moment. I love to explore and search for those magical places in nature.

Woman on a gentle Adirondack slope

Hiking to a nice lookout during the fall can be exhilarating. Venture to a new place (even if it’s just for coffee) or even driving a new road on the way home can stimulate the brain. Winter months can be challenging, isolating or dormant for some people. Making connections with like-minded people can help with motivation.

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From Adirondack Wellness and Nutrition

“The greatest wealth is mental health.”

~ Dalai Lama