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I’m the founder of Adirondack Wellness and Nutrition Coaching, having grown up living the Adirondack lifestyle. Certified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, worked as a secondary science educator in New York, in addition to working as an experienced home health aide.

I love the long strolls in the woods or just sitting and enjoying the beauty of nature, exploring a variety of ways to enjoy life, I welcome those cold northern New York winter days when going outside isn’t always possible, sitting next to a snowy window and reading a book or just lighting a candle during a dark evening, eating a cozy winter meal. I am a person who is always searching to improve myself both physically and spiritually.

My journey began in my teen years when I struggled with my health both physically and spiritually. Initially, I focused on physical exercise with little attention to my eating habits. Eventually, I experimented with many “fad” diets. I soon realized this wasn’t right for me. I decided to make my own plan with emphasis on trial and error before finding the best path of my journey!

I have always had health issues of skin breakouts, fog and digestive problems. Interested in adding a holistic approach to my fitness regimen, I visited several doctors who helped change my life. I had blood, allergy and genetic tests to pinpoint my specific needs. With these approaches I was able to discover what areas of my life in need of extra attention. I am on a Gluten free diet and love to use as many fresh herbs as possible. I have never felt better.

As I grow and change, I continue to personalize my lifestyle to suit my ever-changing needs for the mind, body and spirit. I hope to bring my experience and help motivate my clients on their journey to the practice of living a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.