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Wilderness Meditative Practices

Listen to the sounds of nature. Enjoy the peace and calm.

Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching’s goal is to help you explore ways to become confident and pack on your own for your journey.

First Coaching Consultation is Free!

We can connect and discover if we are a good match.

What happens in a session?
Sessions are tailored to each client’s individual needs. We will work together to create your goals and work at your chosen pace. We will frequently revisit your goals gauge your progress. We will explore a variety of approaches and revise your steps along the way.
How long do I need a coach before I can work on my own?
Every experience is unique. The goal is that you will become independent and confident to make your own goals and approaches. Some people enjoy working with others and may choose to extend their sessions. There are others strive to be independent. They may just need a jump start and aim to the time that they take off on their own.
If I need someone to talk to are your hours only 9am – 5pm?
There are many packages and options to pick from that allow for texting and/or talking on the phone including a variety of times outside of 9am-5pm.
How is a coach different from a therapist?
Coaches provide support and help identify your personal needs and goals. Then discover ways to develop personal habits and skills to help achieve your future goals.

Therapist are designed to address psychological and past issues.

Can I do nature walks and hiking trips without doing a coaching program?
Yes, I provide nature outings walks. During September, October and November the are walks or hikes to look at the wonderful changing colors of the Fall season.
What is the difference between your nature outings and hiking trips?
There are different levels to nature outings. Depending on your skill level or desired level of exertion, we can suggest a spot for sitting an doing self-meditation, a simple flat walk. Paved nature trail options can be provided if obstacles are a concern. Also, you can choose an option where your vehicle can be positioned nearby.

Hikes are usually more difficult and frequently over 1 mile of walking. This walk will be farther from a vehicle than a nature outing. There is usually very uneven ground with many obstacles and inclines to navigate. If you are concerned about your health, check with your doctor on their suggestion on the level of exertion they suggest.

Do you provide private Nature Outing or hiking excursions?
Private nature outings and hikes can be discussed. These trips are nice for more personal attention. Also, if you have specific requests and/or concerns about making the time on your trip as enjoyable to your needs as possible.
Can we bring a dog?
Private outings can be arranged with dogs. Dog trip options depend on the type of dog and the type of trip. There are many enjoyable places where dogs are allowed.

Trips can be tailored to make for an enjoyable and safe trip. There will be mandatory release forms and other important information to be discussed.

Woman in front of Adirondack camp fire
Friendly dog barking in Adirondacks